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300 Hour Training

Living Practice

The 300 hour teacher training program is designed as a flexible program that can be completed in as little as 14 months or as long as three years.

Enrollment is closed for our 2023 cohorts. The curriculum and details below reflect the 2022-2023 requirements. These may change based upon Yoga Alliance requirements.
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Yoga as a living practice

This immersion provides multi-dimensional study of the practices of yoga. In 2022 and 2023, trainees will have the option to complete it as a fully virtual training or a hybrid virtual/in-person training. This may change in 2024, once we get guidelines and requirements from Yoga Alliance.

  • Explore yoga as a living practice.
  • Join a global community of committed practitioners to build connection.
  • Learn through a mix of pre-recorded (on demand) training content alongside live discussion sessions,
    offerings from incredible guest teachers, and live practices.
  • Establish your practice as the guide for sharing with others.

We will begin with a virtual curriculum designed to establish a foundation for your teaching to emanate from your own depth of studentship and lived experience with yoga.

This program is designed to support you in finding your own path as a student and from there, as a teacher. The full 300-hour program is registered with Yoga Alliance. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive a 300-hour certificate. You’ll have the option to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level by submitting your prior 200-hour certificate and the 300-hour certificate from the Stone Yoga School.

Curriculum (2022 & 2023 requirements)

The curriculum is divided into 6 components (subject to change for 2024):

Training core
35 hours

Peer study groups, live virtual practices and live discussions

Core curriculum
Book reflections and self-study (svadhyaya)
Service project
Teaching and assisting requirement (30 hours)
Choose your electives (115 hours or more; not included in enrollment fees).


Enrollment is closed for our 2023 cohort. We are awaiting Yoga Alliance requirements for 2024 and beyond, including their guidance around virtual and virtual-hybrid trainings.

Enrollment fees in 2024 will be based upon what is included in the core curriculum. We aim to make affordable options available with sliding scale rates and partial scholarships.

Enrollment Fees

to be determined

enrollment fees will include core curriculum and program administration
Total Investment

to be determined

this will depend on training modality (virtual options are more affordable) and room choice for immersions.

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Is this program eligible for Yoga Alliance certification?

Students who complete the 300-hour program will receive a teacher training certificate from Janet Stone Yoga that meets Yoga Alliance standards.

If you completed a 200 hour training from another Yoga Alliance certified school, you will be able to submit both your 200 hour and your 300 hour certificate to Yoga Alliance, should you choose to, for a full 500 hour recognition from them.

What are the prerequisites?

Prerequisites for the 300 hour program include completion of Janet Stone Yoga’s 200-hour Teacher Training OR completion of a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered program.

What are the requirements to complete the program?

See the detailed content above for full details regarding the core requirements and elective options from 2022-2023. These may change for 2024 and beyond. Generally, the core curriculum includes 135 hours of virtual courses + 35 hours of synchronous learning, which includes a range of live virtual discussion sessions, practices, and peer group assignments.

Beyond that, you can choose from in-person and virtual courses totaling 130 or more hours.

When are the live virtual sessions offered and how long do I have access?

For the 2021-2023 curriculum, we required everyone to attend at least 25 live sessions. This may change in 2024. While you'll have access to recordings of all of the sessions offered, only live attendance in real time counts for those 25 sessions.

How do the peer groups work?

Right after the official training start date, we'll gather some information from each person in the training to help us match folks up with their group. We ask about your interests, work-style preferences (e.g., do you prefer a steady schedule or to go with the flow), and location.

From there, we'll match you with a group of ~4 others and a mentor who will support you through the program.

I'm already teaching, can I count my regular classes toward the teaching requirement?

Yes, of course!

How long will it take until I'm certified?

It will take a minimum of 12 months to complete your 300 hour certification, and you have up to 3 years to finish.

Are the electives included?

Electives are not included in the enrollment fees or the core curriculum. You can choose your own electives to fulfill the 130 required hours of electives and you'll enroll and pay for those separately.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please email with all other questions.


This training was so far beyond my expectations. I wasn't sure if the online format would provide me with enough depth or understanding and I was surprised to find out that this method of learning was so much more conducive for my lifestyle. All of the different guests and mentors that contributed brought so much the experience. Janet's wisdom and ways of conveying information and concepts in unmatched. This training brought me so much beyond asana, beyond the surface of teaching. It is rich and comprehensive. Deep and inspiring. Transformative. I am so very grateful for this school and this training. OM OM OM

Lyndz K
300 hour program and mentor

Janet and her team’s capacity to hold space for students during an incredibly challenging 2 years (pandemic and social injustice) was absolutely amazing. They led flexible programming, listened and provided supportive feedback during zoom meetups. Janet’s wisdom and embodiment of this practice is what one seeks in a mentor or guide. The investment in this education provides invaluable tools to live a joyful and well-lived life.

Jamie I
300 hour program

This training was an amazing experience and incredibly fulfilling in all aspects. Each course is designed so that one can fully experience the lessons via video, books and live lectures. Janet and her team are accessible and incredibly accommodating. They are professional and hold space for each individual. I will be taking more courses in the future and am honored to be a graduate of this program.

Debbie A
300 hour program

Janet's training was life-changing. I'm in awe every time I train with her and her team with the level of education and heartfelt intention with every gathering. I can't recommend training with Janet enough!

Ashlee M
300 hour program and mentor

Janet and team are simply THE best. Thoughtful and professional. The highest quality delivery of content, practice & integration. I choose to continue to learn from Janet for the rest of my life. And will forever recommend her school & teachings.

Jen Y
300 hour program
Living Practice 300 Hour Training