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Come with us into a world of breath, movement, meditation, intention and global community. 

The moment the world shut down we opened the virtual doors to sustain our practice, our community, and our bodies. Why stop now?

In this space, we practice, chant, heal, even dance. We cry, laugh, and witness one another.

The virtual practices

One of the most frequently asked questions is: how does one sustain a practice...keep showing up. After thirty plus years, I’m still working to answer this question. We’ve created a place to touch in, show up as you are and commune together.  

Each practice offers asana, mantra, pranayama, sangha connection and a space for stillness.

It’s a space to be seen, to be held exactly where you are, to share challenges or successes. We make sure we have time to ask questions and commune with a global community.

What you receive

  • 6-12 live virtual practices a month (a mix of broadcasts from in-person classes and dedicated virtual practices)
  • Access to the full archive of over 200 recorded practices (a great option for those weeks when classes are not offered)
  • Access to recordings of new classes (usually within 24 hours of the live virtual practice)
  • A devoted group for members in our community space. Recordings will be shared here, as well as the event calendar and reminders for practice.
  • Access to special practices, playlists, and early access to new music tracks
  • Special discounts on virtual courses

Anticipated schedule

  • Saturdays at 9 am pacific (from wherever Janet is in the world when possible)
  • Thursdays at 6:15 pm pacific
  • Rotating times for dedicated virtual practices

Please note: practices offered through other platforms are not included; only those offered through Janet’s own offerings.

Membership includes virtual practices (not in-person classes, which are offered through the respective studios)

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