Janet in a standing tadasana pose with hands in prayer overhead and mountains in the background


My prayer for you is to find a home deep within, to heal, and be nourished from the inside out. We have the potential to feel more whole, more grounded, and to know ourselves and the world around us more fully. Through intentional movement, breath, meditation, mantra, and right action, the ancient art and science of yoga can come alive when each one of us creates more clarity and ease. This is a home for all of us to remember our true nature and grow individually and collectively.   

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Retreats + Events

Jordan Retreat

June 18, 2023
June 24, 2023

Embodied Yoga Intensive

June 10, 2023
June 11, 2023
Weesp, Netherlands

Chanting & Storytelling

August 25, 2023
August 27, 2023
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Be Here Now Retreat • Bali Soulshine

April 22, 2023
April 29, 2023
Ubud, Bali
Public Classes


March 27, 2023 6:15 PM
In-person at Love Story Valencia

Janet’s practice

Above all, I see yoga as a way to come home to our still point, to return to the place we all carry within us that stays steady through the spin and the swirl of our days. We find this still point through bringing loving attention to our own body, mind, heart, and breath, in meditation, movement, study, and breathwork. Chanting is a huge part of my practice, and in my classes and workshops we chant to open our hearts, release our voices, and connect to the community of divinely inspired beings all around us.

Janet teaching a yoga class with one hand in the air along with her students
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