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Janet teaching a yoga class at Haum SF
Janet in Bali
Janet playing the harmonium
Janet teaches a yoga class at a festival
Janet with her hands over her heart
Janet in a seated spinal twist underneath the Golden Gate Bridge

You are welcome here.

All parts of you are embraced in the vast field of yoga.

Our vision is one of an inclusive, diverse, compassionate community that will nourish body, mind, spirit.

Janet lends a warmth and wealth of practice and knowledge to create a unique, safe, potent approach to living yoga.

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Be Here Now Retreat

April 22-29, 2023
Soulshine • Ubud, Bali

Over 7 days, we’ll dive into deep immersive yoga practices, beat filled dances, and the abundant exploration of the potency that is Bali. Throughout our time together, we'll explore practices in presence, in bringing our attention to this moment to BE HERE NOW.

We’ve got this one short adventure of life and yet so often we miss it worrying about the past, the future and spinning stories of division. What does it take to be fully awake for it, feel it all, lean into the crashing wave of the moment and lap it all up. The practices of yoga call our attention to the moment-to-moment choices of where we place our most precious gift: our life force.

Amidst the lush backdrop of Bali and the rich culture of the Balinese people, we'll dive again and again into what it is to be fully present for our lives.


Bali • Earth & Sky

April 2-12, 2023
Bagus Jati, outside Ubud, Bali

Bali is the perfect place to explore the rich earth and vast sky as we find tangible connections to what grounds us in the heart of the practice. This immersion is for teachers, non-teachers, and all other humans who want to embody yoga as a place between and within the fluctuations.

We’ll begin with the foundation of our own practice that will emanate to those around us in class settings, work environments, home, love, children and so on. Then opening to the limitless sky comes with widening of our aperture/view point until these teachings become an offering to all beings.


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5 Elements • Yoga & Ayurveda

March 16 to April 19, 2023

Over 5 immersive weeks, we’ll explore what we’re made of and how to balance our being through the lens of the Pancha Maha bhutas, or the 5 great elements.

What we see outside of ourselves is also inside of us; it is us.

All living creatures are interconnected, and the elements inherently connect to us all…the dirt and the microscopic life there, the quenching water, the illuminating and warming fire, the air that sustains us, and the context and atmosphere that holds us all.