January 15, 2018


… with INTENTION, the engine behind my actions.

Let’s do this, 2018.

Let’s honor the year's turning, and clarify (yet again) what my deep intention is. What do my body, mind, spirit, and life circumstances really long for?

That’s not to say I can’t do this in the middle of the year, in the middle of a day, with every new breath. But there’s a collective energy to this arbitrary date that makes “the new year” a perfect time to look at my roadmap, see how far I've come (dang, what a year, yowza), take stock of my current coordinates, and locate myself exactly where I am.


I review my ups and downs on this path so far, observe what was propelling me, and ask myself if those things that propelled me are still serving me this year. Because taking stock means honoring difference, and growth, and change.

Creating intentions for the person I am today is invaluable; it gives oomph and drive to all I do. It illuminates—and challenges—my power of discernment.

So I begin again.

Lining up my bow and pointing the arrow toward where I want it to land.
Checking the wind.
Marking the distance between myself and my target.
Checking my periphery for my support systems.
And then looking within, to find the strength to draw that bow…

This is not to say the arrow will land where I want it to. It’s not to say that life won’t be life, throwing wind gusts and storms and fires (California friends), creating loss, offering obstacles to that straight trajectory I envision my arrow tracing.

These life uncertainties are why we begin again. They’re why we adjust our bows to align with life as it is, rather than pointing our arrows in a direction that is no longer relevant.

So I decide what direction I’m longing to head in, pull back the bow, and as best as possible align my actions to support this next year’s journey.


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