February 9, 2017

This is not a drill.

This is not a drill.

We’ve been given this body and breath for this moment only.

This is the human guarantee: we have no idea what is next.

The uncertainty is truly our only certainty.
So, what to do with this NOW? Our life is made up of this stream of nows. It is how we engage with them, how we show up for them and give them our attention that makes this life the life we’re hoping for.

So, don’t wait!

If you’re waiting for the world to conform to your preferences—or until you fix yourself or fix those around you or fix the way the world is behaving (and let’s be honest, it’s really misbehaving these days)—then you may never find what you seek.

So, we can wait for it all to finally adhere to our desires and then begin. Or we can wake up into the critical present that holds within it all that we’re looking for. Or, we can go with absolute abandon into the ground of the breath, this moment and inhabit it with our full awareness.

When we wake up to the vitality of NOW, we can relax our need to manipulate everything around us to suit our preferences, we can stop chasing the drama and arrive. Simply arrive.

And once we’re HERE and we feel into our moment to moment experience, then, then we’re a more whole, complete, centered being who can move out into the world and kick some of that dramas ass in like a big ol’ sword fight way that last thousands of years and purifies our own life purpose and slays the demon.


Maybe, maybe not, but let’s simply ask ourselves this question again and again:
What are we going to do with this precious life in this very moment?

Storms will come and go, so what can we ground into that allows us to weather the dark clouds and remember the power and nutrients within them?

Return to your breath. Return to your innate wisdom.

From there, flourish and as Beyonce says, SLAY.

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