October 21, 2020


Here we go again...burning. The 370 fires burning across California are a manifestation of an entrenched global crisis.

Human attention span has been shortened to match the news cycle. While tending to one drama, we forget that the planet has been warming since at least the 1970’s, due to our choices and actions. The warning sirens have been blasting while comfort, complacency and government inaction speed the process of this intensifying climate crises.

This year began with the burning of Australia, the Amazon, and Belize.

Now the US—my home of San Francisco is surrounded by a ring of fire in the cities and counties in every direction. Fires are burning in 14 other US states.

Each year, we head into a new round of devastation with shock, surprise, and heartbreak.

This year is no different, except, well...the pandemic. The intensity of it all can feel overwhelming whether you’re directly affected or not. Because we are ALL affected.

How do we stay present so that we look toward what we can do—the ways we can support those who are suffering, change our own behavior for the long haul and call our governments to action to shift this devastating cycle?

So much of the yoga practice centers around AGNI/FIRE.

Through practice, we tend this internal flame, so that it doesn’t burn us but illuminates our inner wisdom. Let’s use this fire to wake up, take responsibility where we can, make the changes we are able to, and keep tending our own flame as we tend those who have been burned by it.

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