October 20, 2020

Mantras of Remembering

Do I miss singing with you? YES!

In the absence of your voices, I’ve been turning inward to listen for you amidst all the other noise in there. I’ve been sitting with the echoes of all the songs we’ve sung together over the years; with the strength, longing, and joy you’ve brought forth through your voices.

This is what Nat, Ege, and I attempted to draw upon as we brought together this new album. Five tracks that are a reflection of the mantras we’ve called over the years with you all.

If you listen closely, you can hear us all together in the river of life, of breath, of practice, calling for this time of emerging.

The tracks speak to this time we’re in, to a longing for deeper connectivity to self and to the community through intentional sound that knows no walls. They hope to break through our frustrations, confusions, anxieties, and isolation and remind us of our wholeness and our interconnection.

For me, the mantras we chose evoke our internal power, speak to the strength of creative beginnings that arise out of surrender and carve out a space where there’s no room for confusion—because so much abundance lives there. Woven into Saraswati, Jai Ambe, Lokah, Om Namah Shivaya is a story of remembering.

Close your eyes, listen and come with us on this journey.

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