January 17, 2021

Thank You. I Love You.

In taking stock of this last year, I’m so wildly grateful for you all.

Now, into a New Year.

Will it all be different tomorrow?
Most likely not.

Do we have an opportunity to begin again?
Sure do.

Reflecting back over the seemingly endless months of isolation, loss, endings, dashed hopes, canceled plans, closed studios and lack of  hugs, I see the teachings so clearly. Surrender, staying open, paying attention to what IS here and what IS being offered in each moment.

This is where you come in—this community. Your willingness to show up with each other (in whatever way we can), to metaphorically look in the same direction of healing, of waking up, of understanding our mind, body, and our power to affect both through conscious practice.

We show up for ourselves; and in doing so, we show up for the collective. When we look into those boxes or through mounds of layers at the beach and witness another human who also has a story of love and loss, joy and sorrow during this time—who is present making their effort—it inspires us to keep showing up, too.

Together we created something unexpected and filled with intention. For this, I want to say a heartfelt thank you and I love you.

I’m moved and honored at each one of you arriving to support the global tapestry of this sangha. One breath at a time.

We’re still here.
I am still here.
This is still here.

As long as we have breath, we have all we need. Even as this year has brought many of us to our knees. Any assumptions or predictions we had were rendered moot.

The teachings speak to the only thing we truly have power over—our internal experience. This has been one of the most potent and embodied offerings of this year. It’s not just conceptual—the circumstances of shelter-in-place and closed borders (and closed everything) mean we have lived into the deep exploration of our own inner resolve.

This is where we can place our attention, in the what-IS-ness of this time.

We have no idea what’s next, or what’s around the corner with the turning of the calendar year. It is, like any new day, an opportunity to begin again.

To show up, to disrupt the inner critic, to lean into kindness and curiosity, and to find out what remains.  I’ll be here, wrapping my arms/heart around each one of you on your path.

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