October 21, 2020


"Let what comes come.
Let what goes go.
Find out what remains."
~ Ramana Maharshi

What do I need to set down to become free? ⁣

Without realizing it, we carry many heavy burdens from our family line, life experiences, and the pressures of living in this current time. These experiences imprint deeply on our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The practices of yoga can help us both see these burdens and begin to release them.⁣

Yoga is a process of undoing; of healing and restoring to our more whole and vital self. When I slow down and move toward a state of being—rather than doing—I am able to melt some of this tight grip on performing a life and on all of the shoulds that weigh me down.⁣

My own practice has led me to deepen my commitment to the nourishing and replenishing aspects of yoga. From my own work, I’ve crafted and bundled together four practices designed to create a sense of surrender and restoration during this time. ⁣

Most of us have become more intimate with our impermanence through the wild uncertainties of this time; it has shown us that we don’t know the whens or ifs of any of it. ⁣

I hope this bundle of practices provides a moment to slow the spin, reduce anxiety and fear, and restore your nervous system. ⁣

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