Energy Bundle

This four practice bundle explores what it is to kindle and sustain our energy and strength. Through practice we’ll cultivate the capacity to use our energy wisely and experience a sense of embodied ease.

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Long & Strong

This 46-minute practice explores finding space and length through slow fluid movements. We’ll explore spaciousness in our own being and fortify the pranic (energetic) body.

Grace & Power

This 32-minute practice provides an opportunity to move with the grace and power of each breath. We’ll find strength from the inside out.

Om Namah Shivaya: Light it Up

This 37-minute practice builds heat from the inside out. We’ll explore what it is to tend the flame, to find sustainability in our energetic being. Through practice, we’ll infuse radiance through every cell.

Embody Flow

This 27-minute flow explores our full embodiment. We’ll find a rooted connection to the ground to grow strong and expand. This practice helps us locate ourselves in this moment by slowing it down and experiencing the full landscape of the body.

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