Ritual Bundle

In this 6 class bundle, we explore the ritual of sustaining a daily practice through mantra, meditation, fluid movement and stillness.

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A Mantra to Begin
A mantra to invoke the beginning. Whether it be a new day, a practice session, a new venture, or a journey. We chant 108 rounds invoking Ganesh to ground and connect us with our deepest intention.

Sitting in Spaciousness
A moment to simply sit down and reflect. A sitting practice that allows spaciousness by connecting with the sensation of the body and breathe.

Morning Form
A simple morning movement designed to be practiced daily that fosters integration of our physical and subtle bodies as we move into our day.

Surya Practice | Sustaining the Internal Flame
This 45 minute Vinyasa practice ignites the energy of the sun (Surya). We’ll explore sustaining our internal flame in this vigorous flow that explores our internal light

Chandra Practice | Finding our Luminous Nature
This 30 minute Vinyasa practice explores the energy of the moon (Chandra). A softer, luminous practice that yes, has us flowing, but focuses on the sweet cooling nature of the moon.

Sleep Sequence | Digesting the Day
Wash the day away by touching into the senses in this nourishing before-bed practice. This practice cleans out the palette so we can rest deeply without carrying the rest of the day with us.

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