Wisdom Bundle

The four practices in this bundle explore space and surrender and include both vigorous, active practices and a reclining meditation.

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Intention | Spaciousness
Clear out the old that has us stuck in cyclical behaviors and create space for a deeper intention to permeate our practice and lives. Through side and back body opening, we’ll create a sense of emptying to allow us to return to our natural state of being. 55 minutes

Deep listening | Turning Inward
Emphasizing the power of listening that can lead us to our inner wisdom and allow for clearer and more compassionate communication in our lives. Dynamic vinyasa will emphasize turning inward and opening outward, to create space for messages to move through the entire body. 33 minutes

Nourish | Surrendering
We’ll explore stability and mobility in the shoulders. In this flow we will focus on opening, releasing old tensions, and creating strength so that we can set our baggage down and be free to fly. 31 minutes

Exhale | Into Awareness
In this reclining meditation, we’ll scan the body to allow for a sense of surrender and release. Let go of tension and attend to the inner terrain of the body. 11 minutes

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