Intention Bundle

An intention, simply, is a gathering of energy and turning of attention. This 5 class bundle explores what it is to stay grounded in our intentions through vinyasa, breathwork, and rest.

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INVOKING intention l A Meditation for Clarity

A simple seated practice that gives us permission to arrive into stillness. In this meditation, we use our curiosity to clarify the direction we want our intention to move in.

SET Intention | Clearing out

This 52 minute vinyasa class provides the opportunity to set intentions. We’ll explore a practice of emptying out some of our old clutters and clearing out congestions in the inner body and mind through movement and deepening of the breath.

CLARIFY Intention | Finding Your Internal Compass

This 38 minute vinyasa practice allows us to turn our attention inward to clarify what we’re up to and where we want to head with our intentions, energy and time.

HONOR Intention | Cultivating Space

This 28 minute flow is a steady, sweet practice intended to help create a foundation on which our intention can be sacredly held and honored. This practice explores how our intentions can seep in and resonate through our whole being.

SURRENDER to Intention | Slowing Down

A brief practice to let our bodies slow down and rest as we move from effort to surrender with our intention in mind.

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