SAN FRANCISCO WORKSHOP • ASana Lab + Assisting • September 23-24

You are welcome here.

All parts of you are embraced in the vast field of yoga.

Our vision is one of an inclusive, diverse, compassionate community that will nourish body, mind, spirit.

Janet lends a warmth and wealth of practice and knowledge to create a unique, safe, potent approach to living yoga.

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stONE Yoga app

I've created this app as a space for practice, connection, and nourishment. It is designed to support a consistent yoga practice at home or on the move.

The practices of yoga include movement (asana), meditation, mantra/chanting, breathwork (pranayama), and philosophy that supports us in understanding our inner world and our connection to the world around us. Learn more »


Teacher Training + Immersions

Enrollment is open for our 2024 cohorts
200 hour • 300 hour • 1008 hour

Through immersive, deep Sadhana (dedicated practice), we become more intimate with our inner self, unwinding hold habits and patterns, exploring our deepest heart intention (Sankalpa) and practicing aligning our moment-to-moment choices with our intention.

This is a place to be reminded, to remember, and to remind others what we’ve seemingly forgotten along the way of this wild, divisive, distracting spin of life, thoughts, old habits and patterns.

Through live and virtual immersions, classes, retreats, trainings, we hope you find a home here.

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Giving Thanks

November 20-24
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

“Enoughness” is the starting point of any journey toward gratitude. We begin to fully take in the profound gift of all that is unfolding only when we recognize that we are enough.

With Esalen as our transformative container, let’s meet during the week of Thanksgiving. Let’s honor the land and the Esselen people, the indigenous stewards of this place, as we remember the awe of the natural world around us and the life force within us.

Throughout the week, we will practice giving thanks for the world around us.

We’ll cultivate curiosity and wonder for the life we have here and now.

We will return to the present to reclaim and embrace ourselves in our wholeness as enough. We will attend to all the ways we are enough, give enough, get enough, and have enough so we can lay claim to the power of life pulsing through us.

Join me at Esalen

Upcoming Courses + Retreats

Upcoming Classes

Times shown Pacific
September 25, 2023 6:15 PM
Love Story Yoga, Valencia
September 26, 2023 6:15 PM
In-person at the Castro Room, SF
September 26, 2023 6:15 PM
Livestream from the Castro Room
Enoughness • Embrace the Grace
September 29, 2023 8:30 AM
Insight Timer
Vinyasa with live music by DJ Drez
September 30, 2023 9:00 AM
In-person at the Castro Room SF
Vinyasa with live music by DJ Drez
September 30, 2023 9:00 AM
Livestream from the Castro Room

Chanting • Yoga of the Heart

September 28-November 8, 2023

Every emotion is fuel for the practices of bhakti.

We put them in the gas tank as fuel, to nourish our deeper intentions. So, let’s gather together, face in one direction (inward) together, and call to our infinite capacity of love, grace, fierceness, diligence.

Bhakti can be a solace and a window into the clarity so many of us are craving.

Bring alive and learn the ancient mantras, purāṇas (myths),and deities all while chanting from the heart.

The practices of bhakti are the practices of loving what is, embracing it fully (even if our impulse toward it is one of aversion) and transmuting it—grief, ugliness, passion, grasping, joy—into a force for presence and being with what is.